Photo: Helena g Anderson,
courtesy of LT123


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Welcome to Williams Art


During the final days of hot metal typesetting in the 1970's and through the slow birth of the internet, Chris Williams breathed, ate and slept (and chain-smoked) creative.

Chris took a career break in 2007 and moved to Cambridge to set up an art gallery with a difference. It was a resounding success with Cambridge artists and art-lovers but allowing artistic freedom without losing money proved challenging so, rather than compromising principles, Williams Art's permanent Gwydir Street gallery was closed in 2015. Exhibitions continue now in selected spaces, with selected artists.

Chris has returned to his roots, using the new digital applications to help him create work, single-handedly, that used to require teams of specialists. And when a task requires talents beyond his skill-set, Chris can tap into his network of like-minded expert freelancers.




This website focuses on the creative services offered by Williams Art.

If you are looking for art sales and rentals, please click here.

Please note: this site is new, still under construction and being 'beta-tested' on a variety of devices, so you're not getting a real taste of our capabilities. Do let us have your feedback!

Many of the images and work samples are taken from Chris Williams' archives dating back over more than 30 years at QWA and The Teds Agency